The leading principle of   Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD in waste management is either making reusable or recycling all wastes, whenever possible. Wastes are collected separately and sent for grading, and if recycling is impossible, wastes are sent for disposal. Hazardous wastes generated by the company are collected separately, and if possible, those are recycled. In the case of hazardous wastes, which cannot be reused or recycled, those are either sent for utilization or disposal.

Our aim is collecting recyclable wastes separately and reuse those. Wastes on the premises of the airports of Varna and Burgas are generated mostly in relation to servicing aircrafts, passengers and luggage, maintenance of buildings and construction of infrastructure related sites. All wastes are separated at the source, depending on their type and composition, whereof those are sent for appropriate treatment, utilization or disposal, in compliance with the effective laws and regulations. The Company activities are governed by rules and procedures on separate waste collection.

"Internal Rules on Management of Wastes Generated on the Premises of Fraport TSAM AD" have been approved, valid for all of our contractual partners, visitors and personnel.